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Fortress Planning Group
Financial Software Overview

riskalyze Madison, WI Fortress Planning Group

Riskalyze is a software program that allows us to determine our client’s tolerance to investment risk, also referred to as the “risk number” in Riskalyze. In the beginning, Riskalyze is used to compare a prospective client’s existing investment portfolio against our proposed investments. The program calculates the level of risk and expected returns for each of the existing and proposed investment portfolios. As time passes in our client relationship, we will use Riskalyze to re-evaluate our client’s risk tolerance to make sure investments are in alignment with their risk number.

MoneyGuidePro Madison, WI Fortress Planning Group

MoneyGuidePro is a goals-based retirement planning program. During our quarterly meetings, we will build your goals-based retirement plan using MoneyGuidePro. The software helps guide us through all aspects of a retirement plan and then it calculates the probability of success of you achieving the goals of your plan. From there we can review unlimited “what if scenarios” to see how changes to your plan impact the end result. For example, what if you decide to retire at age sixty instead of sixty-five? The software will quickly recalculate the plan and the probability of success of the new scenario. Over the years, we will update and build upon this plan as you experience life and inevitably your plan changes.

Ameritrade Madison, WI Fortress Planning Group

In the financial industry, Schwab is one of the largest custodial firms and continually ranks among the best in terms of their overall service. All Fortress Planning Group client accounts are held by Schwab. We continue to work with Schwab because of their commitment to client service, low costs, security and dedication to operational efficiency. We review the top custodial firms periodically and have the freedom to change if it is in the best interest of our clients.

Orion Madison, WI Fortress Planning Group

Orion is a reporting platform that allows us to deliver state of the art performance reports that indicate performance year to date as well as since account inception with Fortress. We then benchmark your performance against the market to get a clear picture of how your investments are doing. Orion also allows us to integrate all our programs together for comprehensive reporting and a comprehensive client portal. The client portal allows you to log in as often as you would like to view your investment performance and retirement plan.

Tax Clarity Madison, WI Fortress Planning Group

Holistiplan is a tax planning software program. The program helps us visually show and explain to clients how to make retirement decisions in the most tax-efficient way. For example, it calculates a client’s effective marginal rate and identifies danger points where just one additional dollar of income can push clients into a higher effective marginal rate. We then use these calculations to plan accordingly to make sure your comprehensive plan is optimized.