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How Do You Earn More Time?

 Listen to Best in Wealth Podcast Episode 206

We cannot control the stock market, right? But there are many things we can control. At Fortress Planning Group, we do intense tax planning to help you save every dollar you can. There are so many facets of financial planning to consider. 

Are you doing estate planning? Do you know how much insurance you need? Are you strategically optimizing your dividends and rebalancing so you buy at the lowest possible point? Let’s control what we can control. 

And there is one thing you can control to add more years to your life. If you are behind on retirement planning, this could be the key to a successful retirement. Find out what it is in this episode of Best in Wealth! 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:07] Let’s control what we can control
  • [3:25] How do you earn more time?
  • [7:09] The difference between lifespan and healthspan
  • [8:40] How much do you need to exercise?
  • [10:31] What else can add years to your life? 
  • [13:53] What are you doing to increase your healthspan? 

How do you earn more time?

How do you make up time? Is there an option other than saving as much as you can? Or taking too many risks in your portfolio? I typically recommend saving as much as you can. However, an article written by Nick Maggiulli called “How to Get More Time” made me realize that I was looking at this all wrong. 

Instead of focusing on how to get and save more money—why not focus on getting more time? There is more time to save, more time for the stock market to recover, and more time for compounding interest. So how do you get more time? You have to earn more time. 

And you earn more time by exercising. Exercising regularly to improve your strength and cardiovascular health is the most effective way to increase how much productive time you have left on this earth. Anything can happen to anyone at any time. But all things equal, exercise has the most influence on earning more time. 

The difference between lifespan and healthspan

Peter Attia shares that “Proper cardiovascular fitness can add three to five years to your lifespan and six to eight years to your healthspan.” Healthspan is how long you live while in good health. Doesn’t 6–8 more years of living the life that you want sound wonderful? Isn’t that what everyone wants? If you could earn that through cardiovascular and strength training, isn’t that motivating? I am up and down with my fitness journey but gaining years on my life is highly motivating. 

How much do you need to exercise?

But what if you hate exercising? What do you have to “give up” to gain 6–8 years? Turns out, if you spend four hours a week exercising for 50 weeks a year for 50 years, that would be 10,000 hours of lifetime exercise. One year of exercise gets you 6–8 additional years of disability-free health. 

Every hour you spend exercising is 6–8 hours of additional healthy living. Of course, it is not guaranteed, nothing in life is. But why not stack the odds in your favor? That is also why we invest in highly diversified portfolios. That will give you the greatest chance for financial success. 

What else can add years to your life? What can take away years from your life? Listen to the whole episode to find out what you can do to increase your lifespan! 

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