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3 Decisions That Could RUIN Your Retirement Plan

Listen to Best in Wealth Podcast Episode 147

Do you have a plan for retirement? Or are you just living life and allowing the everyday busyness to drown out thoughts about your future? I firmly believe you need to have a retirement plan in place. In this episode of Best in Wealth, I will explain why. I talk about 3 decisions that can impact your retirement plan—either positively or negatively.  

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:02] The THREE decisions that could ruin your retirement
  • [1:43] Two things I learned from a funeral
  • [6:06] Making decisions IS hard
  • [8:54] Decision #1: Failing to plan for retirement
  • [13:38] Decision #2: Planning to work longer as part of your plan
  • [17:42] Decision #3: Not hiring a financial advisor

Life is a series of decisions

Making decisions is hard. Some of us are quick decision-makers while others struggle to make the easiest of choices. But what we do not always realize is that life is all about decisions. You have to decide whether or not to get married, whether or not you’ll buy a home, and whether or not you’ll have kids. 

Sometimes, we lock up and do not make any decisions. But a non-decision is still making a decision

Some people do this with investing. They are sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash, but they do not know how to invest the money. So they let it sit and forego making a decision—and waste everything that they could be doing with that money. 

Decision #1: Failing to plan for retirement

Why do you need to plan for retirement? Firstly, you want to be on the same page as your spouse. What if your ideas for retirement are not the same? It will become a BIG issue down the road when you are close to retirement and you have each planned two different paths. You need to coordinate and compromise with your spouse now

Secondly, if you do not plan your retirement, you may never get it. So I advise you to start with the end in mind. Think of your life as a book: You want to write the last page now—or someone else will write it for you. You have really big dreams, right? Start retirement planning now to make sure you have the resources in place to accomplish your dreams. 

You do not want to look back on your life and be filled with regret. Regret will leave you bitter, and we do not need more bitterness—we need more wholesome family stewards. Are there things holding you back? Do you know where to start? Do you need a financial advisor? Not starting and not retirement planning is a non-decision—but still a decision. 

Decision #2: Planning to “Just work longer” 

I knew a guy who was the VP of a large company and was doing quite well for himself. Then the Great Recession hit. He did not have an investment strategy and retirement plan in mind and he panicked. He sold all of his investments at the lowest point he could. He thought he would be okay, because he would just work longer and push back retirement. Flash-forward one year, his company started downsizing, and he lost his job. 

Planning to work past normal retirement age is all well and good—until a wrench is thrown in your plans. And life has a tendency of throwing curve balls when you least expect them. Sometimes your health does not allow you to work longer than you want to. What if your spouse passes away? Suddenly, you are left trying to hold things together alone. 

You need to prepare for those curve balls and think about what life could throw your way. Plan for what your retirement plan could be at 55, 60, or 65. Plan to get to financial freedom as quickly as you possibly can so you do not HAVE to work longer. 

Decision #3: Hire a financial advisor

Part of my life plan was doing a podcast. I never started this podcast to gain more clients. I simply want to reach more people and keep them motivated on their financial journey. But I will say this: you NEED a financial advisor.

There are many reasons why you should obtain a financial advisor. You can hire an advisor to simply help you make a financial plan. OR they can sit next to you through your entire financial journey. You need someone who can come alongside you and be objective about your money when you are only able to be subjective. 

Normally you are the one creating the investment plan, creating a retirement plan, trading, working the 401k, etc. But what happens if you are no longer around? What is your spouse going to do? Do they have access to bank accounts, trading accounts, and passwords? If you do leave this earth first, do not leave your spouse hanging. Think this through and get a retirement plan in place. You need someone you trust in your corner

If you are interested in connecting with me, go to Fortress Planning Group and schedule a conversation with me. I would love to help you in whatever capacity I can so that you have a plan for financial freedom. 

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