If thinking differently about wealth sounds good to you, keep reading. We’re on the same page!


Fortress Planning Group is not like the other wealth management firms you’ve heard about. Both our structure (how we serve clients) and our approach (how we help you build wealth) are unique in this industry.

First, we are completely independent and operate with a fee-only model. This means that we are able to act in client’s best interest. We are a fiduciary—which is a fancy way of saying that we have a legal duty to act solely in your interest. Read more about what it means to be fiduciary, fee-only, and independent in our FAQs.

Second, when it comes to investing, we deal in facts, not opinions. Our investment philosophy is based on the 50+ years of research that guides the science of investing in the capital markets. We are investors, not speculators—and we build portfolios based on the science of capital markets. Read more about our approach here.

Third, the very way we define “wealth” is different. To see wealth as something that only happens on a page is very one-dimensional. We think more broadly than that—because wealth management has many dimensions. We take a holistic approach, and offer comprehensive Wealth Management, not just investment management. This ensures that we help you address your family’s most important financial issues. Read more about how we create comprehensive Wealth Management plans here.