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The Family Stewardship approach to Comprehensive Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, and Investment Advising
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Fortress Planning Group helps successful individuals and families design and implement comprehensive wealth plans, from basic investment advising to legacy planning. As an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisor, Fortress Planning Group principal Scott Wellens, CFP® coaches clients toward a holistic view of wealth and family stewardship—beyond simple dollars and numbers… to the bigger picture of what’s possible.

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About Fortress

Scott Wellens didn’t start out knowing anything about money or wealth management. He took the hard road, and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Read his story here.


Fortress Planning Group isn’t about commission-driven plans. It’s about understanding the unique needs of families and the people who provide for families.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Scott knows numbers. But that’s only a small part of securing a future of abundance. Learn more about how Scott helps families pull it all together.

You’ve Got

From “What do you do anyway, Scott?” to “Why is this industry so intimidating for regular people?” read down-to-earth answers to the questions Scott most often gets asked.